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We are dedicated to the develop, produce and distribute crop protection products.

In Agrofina, we study, select and combine the best global technologies and adapt them to the local needs. We are the only company in the region able to produce with its own technology: synthesis and formulation in-house.

Research and Development Laboratory

The Synthesis and Formulation Laboratory is responsible for the development of active ingredients and their formulations. It has developed more than 50 active ingredients and 120 formulations.

The Analytical Development Laboratory is one of two in Argentina that received the international certification of GLP from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Test laboratory accredited by the OAA, Nº LE 109. (The scope of accreditation is described in the F01-(DC-LE-01) attached to the certificate of accreditation at www.oaa.org.ar)

Manufacturing Plant

Agrofina synthesizes and formulates a wide variety of complex molecules in its primary manufacturing facility. Flexible production processes and stringent controls allow Agrofina to produce annually 20 active ingredients and 5 categories of products avoiding cross contamination. Processes are constantly reviewed with the objective of optimizing raw material/solvent consumption and effluents.

Sales Network

Agrofina has developed an extensive sales & distribution network throughout Argentina’s agricultural area. Products are stored in strategic locations in order to meet just-in time order requirements that allows permanent support to our clients. Agrofina has an active participation in the international market with presence in Latin America, Africa and Middle East countries.

For international sales, please contact:

Javier W. Franke
Tel. +54 11 4837.7800 ext.1005.
Cel: +54 9 11 3058.4298

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